Sunday, 16 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Makeup Inspiration :)

Friends!! hello! and sorry for being MIA for so long!! In all honesty I've just been so busy with life that I haven't had the time (or should I say, I haven't MADE the time) to write posts, but anyway, I'm BACK and I'm going to make every effort to be more consistent and get back on track with doing waht i love to do :)

So today I was inspired by a lovely 'Winter' makeup look that I saw on Pinterest, it consisted of a gold smokey eye, with white eyeliner on the inner crease (yes, WHITE) and a deep red lip.

I contoured with my new favourite concealer (it's actually a foundation that I use as a concealer) in Heavenly Honey by Black Opal, I then went over that with Ben Nye Banana Powder.

The look that inspired me is below as well as my rendition of it, and as per usual I've listed all the products that I used :)

Products used:


Swiss Chocolate by Mac in the crease

St Tropez HD eyeshadow by Artist of Makeup Cosmetics (AOM Cosmetics) all over the lid

I then used a dark brown eyeshadow mixed with a little black in the corners

I used a Maybelline mascara and some false corner lashes

I used a white eyeline from NYC


I used Carob stick foundation by Black Opal

I then highlighted with Heavenly honey stick foundation also by Black Opal

I went over the highlighted areas with Ben Nye powder in Banana


I had to mix Barry M #156 with a deep purple colour by Jenny Packham, followed by Decorative Lipglass by Mac. I didn't quite get the plum colour I was after, I think I need to look for a nice plum lip liner to fill my lips in first, to get that intense colour; but I'm still happy with the outcome

Thank you for reading and I hope this inspires you :)

Have a good week
Love, you

p.s. my website is on its way, so keep your eyes peeled :)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Make-up Classes :)

Hello friends J

I hope you are well J

If you have seen any of my Instagram accounts (@jennk_87 and @loveyoubyj) you’ll see that I have recently started a makeup course! Woohoo, I’m so excited to be doing this course, it’s one of those things that I've wanted to do for a while but I never got round to.

So, I'm doing a Basic Make-up Certificate at Bella Factory London Make-up School; the course covers most of the basics such as, choosing the correct foundation, contouring, highlighting, gel liner techniques and much more! Although I feel that I have quite a good knowledge of these things already from what I've learnt from YouTube and other blogs, I always want to learn new things, learn from others, and make myself better, and I thought this was a good starting point.

You’ll see in my last blog post that I really want to get better at applying makeup on other people and this course has taught me that applying makeup on other people is very challenging; I’ve done it before, on friends and family, but working on someone who you’ve never met is a whole new kettle of fish! It can take quite a while to find, not only the right foundation shade for your model, but also, the shade that they themselves feel comfortable with; and if you’re a perfectionist (like me J ) then you’ll take as much time as possible to get everything right!

Having said all of that I’m really enjoying it!! And it’s really opening up my eyes to what make-up artistry is all about. My teacher, Make-up Artist, Bella, is great, she’s had A LOT of experience in the industry and she’s very knowledgeable; she’s also very straight talking and will tell you if something doesn't look good (if it doesn't) which is what I look for in a teacher.

The course is 40 hours in total and I've done 16 hours so far, and we've covered quite a lot, foundation, contouring, eye contouring/shadowing and gel eyeliner. Some pictures below J Like I said, I'm really enjoying it and this class just makes me want to keep practising and get better and see how far my love of make-up can take me. So watch this space J

Contouring using Foundation done by me :)

 Contouring (by another class mate)
 Filling in eyebrows/eye contouring/shadowing for a 'Bridal look'

 Before and after :)
 Meeeeeeeeeeee :)

Thanks for reading
Love, you!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Makeup for colourful hair | Pretty Glittery :)

Hello friends!

So this week, I decided to make over two people instead of myself, one of the reasons I decided to blog in the first place, is because I wanted a way to document my progress, and for me, the area I'd like to get better at, is applying makeup on other people, so this week I made over my best friend Hawa and one of my sisters, Rachel.

Sunshine on a rainy day :)
Hawa has Purple and Blue hair, so I wanted to do something that would compliment her hair, but also look quite natural and fairly subtle (hence the nude lips) I gave her a Coral/Orange and Purple smokey eye, with a bit of Gold on the inner crease, I also lined the bottom of her eye with a White eyeliner and then went over it with a Turquoise eyeshadow, just to add a little colour and also make her tiny eyes look a bit bigger, because, lighter colours make things look bigger/bolder. Hawa isn't really makeup wearer, so I was really excited to make her over! doesn't she look lovely :)

With Hawa, I didn't find the application of the eyeshadow as challenging as I thought I would, obviously, I'm mostly used to putting eyeshadow on my own eyes and i'm not used to adapting my skills to different eye shapes and sizes, so I thought I'd struggle to get a good smokey effect, because her eyes are quite small and so I was worried that the eyshadow might overpower her eyes , but I'm very pleased with it and so is she.
It was raining heavily when we did this, so we decided to call this look 'Sunshine on a rainy day!' :)

And  here's a little transformation video for you to enjoy :)

Pretty Glittery :)
And for look number 2, we have Rachel :)

Again, Rachel isn't a makeup wearer, so I wanted to do something, pretty, but subtle, to give her an idea of something she could do if she was going out for a special occasion. I gave her a glittery Gold eye, using Barry M Glitter Dust, underneath that, I used a yellow eyeshadow as a base. To be honest, the glitter did not come out as glittery as I hoped, I used vaseline as an adhesive, but I think I actually need a glitter adhesive,
I wanted the glitter to REALLY stand out, but I still think it looked nice, and so did she :)
I used a natural brown (Swiss Chocolate by MAC) in the upper crease of her eye and I finished with a nude (pink/natural)  lip :)

All colours were taken from my 120 eyeshadow palette (I mentioned this in my previous post) and for both looks, I contoured and highlighted as usual, you can see my previous post on 'how to contour and highlight'.

I hope you enjoy, and if you're looking for makeup for coloured hair, or for a pretty glittery look, I hope this gives you some kind of inspiration.

Thank you for reading
Have a good day
Love, you
Jennifer xx

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Bright Eyes | Summer Make-up :)

Hello again friends,

So this week, I tried some bright eyes with nude lips, again, this look was inspired by one of the Youtubers I follow 'Pretty1234me'. this look was actually on her Instagram (kkamara) AGES ago.

This look was actually quite easy, firstly, I covered my whole lid in dark blue, then I added a bright pink/fuchsia in the upper crease, I then went over that with a dark purple and made it more intense on the outer corners; in the inner corners (tear ducts) of my eyelid I added a shimmery cream/white colour; on my bottom lash line I used a black liner and I added a light green half way and then the blue that I used on the lid for the other half. I finished the eyes of with some falsies  :)

I contoured and highlighted as usual and finished with pink lips, as per my previous post, Lipstick is called Liqueur 775 by Sleek Make up with high sheen lip gloss in Plum Blush by No. 7 on top.All of the eyeshadows I used are from the 120 eyeshadow palette that I referred to in last week's post :)

I think this is a lovely Summery/Spring look and could easily be worn during the day with a lovely little summer outfit. I hope you like it and that it gives you some inspiration for summer make-up.

Thank you for reading
Have a lovely day :)
Love, You
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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Brown/Red eyes with Red and Pink lips and a Flower Crown :)

Friends, I'm back!!!

Apologies for the inconsistency! I had a few issues with my laptop, and then
about 6 weeks ago Blogger decided that it wasn't going to let me upload any pictures, I was trying and trying for weeks.

Anyhoo, I have a look of the day for you! This was inspired by one of my fave make up artists who I follow on YouTube & Instagram, she's called Isoken Asamato, her YouTube alias is Enibaby4 and her Instagram is @verygoodbadgurl. This was inspired by her 'A Nigerian Glow' look.

I've done a smokey brown/red/orange eye with a Red lip and then with a
pink lip. I added a flower crown, just to be a little extra! :) Although, in the picture, my eyelids look quite brown, I did use red and orange in the crease and then a bronze/brown on the lid. For the Red, I actually used a blusher, Raizin by MAC, I've had it for AGES and never really use it! I also used a bright Orange and Red from my new 120 eye palette (a palette of 120 eyeshadows - it costs about £6.99 from Amazon. Just type '120 palette') neither colour came out very strong a. because my brushes were quite damp - I'd just cleaned them, and b. because I blended a lot of brown on top. As you can see, I also added a highlight in the inner crease of my eye, which I think makes all the difference; as with the brown colour, the inner crease colour is from my Au Naturelle eye shadow palette by Sleek Makeup.

I contoured and highlighted as usual, I used a Format blush by MAC which is basically a bronzer, I wanted to keep it simple. I hope you like it!! and you get some kind of inspiration from this, I'm definitely going to try and be more consistent and I'm going to keep on practising new looks with more colours, and of course I'll take pics and let you know what I've used. All products listed below.

In the crease - dark brown, then Format in the outer corner, a little Red and Orange from 120 palette
Inner crease - White/cream shimmery colour from the Au Naturelle palette
Liquid eyeliner by Sleek Make up
False Eyelashes from Eyelure
Brown eye liner pencil to fill in my eyebrows
Black Kohl eyeliner from MAC for lower lash line

Sleek Contour Kit in Medium,Ii used the brown and the highlight colour
Blush: Format by MAC
Sleek Makeup concealer under the eyes, i then set this with Matte Maker Mattyfying Power in 30 Natural Beige by Maybelline

Lip liner - Cherry by MAC
Lipstick - Ruby Woo

Lip Liner - Eau la la by sleek in Red Sky night - it's actually a pastel pink
Lipstick - Liqueur 775 by sleek Make up
No. 7 high sheen lip gloss in Plum blush

Thanks for reading!
Feel free to ask any questions/tips and I'll try to help :)
Love, you
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Sunday, 15 December 2013

How to stop your make-up melting off | Oily skin problems

As you would've heard me mention before, I have oily skin. To be honest I don't mind having oily skin, I've heard a bit of oil is good for the skin, it slows down the ageing process. However, one thing I don't like about it, is the fact that my make-up always melts off my face! So, I thought I'd share a couple of things I've recently learnt to help combat this problem!

1. Foundation - When I first discovered make-up, I immediately opted for Mac, Mac everything! Mainly because it's such a popular brand and because at the time, it was one of the few counters to do a foundation in my shade, so I went with it and stuck with it! I paid more attention to the brand than I did to the product itself, I didn't realise that all my foundations have been oil based. However, in recent days I've realised that, water and silicone based foundations are better for my oily skin. I guess it makes sense really. I stumbled across my current foundation Sleek MakeUp New Skin Revive in 'Henna' by accident, I tried it on in the shop because I liked the colour, and i noticed that it felt really light on my skin, I wore it the whole day and noticed that my skin didn't look or feel as oily as it usually does under make up, so for now, I'm happy and I'm sticking with it Smiling face with smiling eyes

2. Primers

So you would've heard me mention Beautifully Matte Make Up Base by No7 in a previous blog. I first learnt about it when i was getting my make-up done for my sisters wedding. I really liked it, so I bought it. It matifies the skin and it acts as a base - making your skin a nice smooth canvas, which makes your foundation look better in my opinion and it also keeps this particular one works to keep the skin oil free, in my experience it doesn't keep the skin matte for the WHOLE day BUT it definitely makes a difference and makes your make up stay on a lot longer than it would without it.

3. Another product I've started using is Milk of Magnesia! Yes, Milk of Magnesia! I read about using it as a primer in many of the blogs I follow and at first I thought it was ridiculous! Who even discovered that a heart burn medicine stops shine and keeps make-up on for longer, but it does!! It works (for me, anyway!) I like to put it on AFTER my matte lotion, I put it on my oilier areas (forehead, nose and cheeks) with a foundation brush or I pour some into the lid and use my (clean) fingers, wait about 2 mins for it to dry and then I apply my foundation; for me, it keeps my make up on all day and drastically reduces shine and melting.

However, like I've said before, ive been told that primers shouldn't be used all the time, their purpose is to fill in/block the pores, so using them all the time could cause skin irritation and spots.

4. Another thing I use is Urban Decays de-slick Make-up Setting Oil-Control Spray. Now if I'm honest with you, and myself, I'm not sure if this works in terms of oil control; again, I first learnt about it when I was getting my make up done for my sisters wedding, I liked the idea of it, so again, in typical Jennifer style, I ran out and bought it!! It definitely sets the make-up, i.e. makes it look more settled on the face as opposed to 'caked' on, but I don't know if it plays a part in helping make-up stay on, but I like it anyway

Hope this is useful:)
Thanks for reading lovelies
Love, you

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Make-up for the Festive Season #2

Hello again!

Ok, so in the interest of sticking with the Festive make-up theme, I came up with 2 looks, one for myself and one for my sister, Rachel. Rachel doesn't usually wear make-up so she wanted something, noticeable yet subtle that she could wear for her work’s Christmas party. I gave her Gold and Brown Smokey eyes with a Pink/Nude lip, this look is very versatile and can be worn on any occasion and it would go with a number of lip shades, especially a BRIGHT RED!! Kiss markKiss mark which is definitely more my style, but obviously it's not about me, it's about Rachel and what likes and what she's comfortable with. She looks lovely, even if I do say so myself! :) I highlighted her cheeks with 'Muscovado' Blush from the Sleek Blush by 3 Palette and also I dabbed a little bit of 'Fantasy' liquid eyeliner from Lush Cosmetics on her cheek bones just to add a bit of sparkle. 

For my look, I contradicted my last post and gave myself bright eyes with bright lips!!
In my last post I said that, ideally either the lips or the eyes should be bright but not both! 
But somehow this really worked! To be honest I think it's because the Blue (eyes) and Purple (lips) compliment each other; I had just bought the lipstick (Mystic by Sleek) so I was trying it out, I hadn't actually intended to do a blue Smokey eye, but I was experimenting with my Sleek Storm Palette and this is what I ended up with. I did a Blue/Black Smokey eye and I put a little bit of Purple glitter on top and finished with Eyelure falsies just to make my eyes stand out a bit more!! I'm very happy with the look!

Smiling face with smiling eyes 

All products used are listed below, hope this is useful! 

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Products used on Rachel
No.7 Beautifully Matte Make up Base Sleek Makeup New Skin Revive Foundation in 'Henna'
Benefit pressed powder in ‘Nutmeg’
Sleek Makeup Corrector and Concealer Palette
Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit in 'Medium'
Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 in 'Sugar' (Muscovado)
Gold Glitter ‘Fantasy’ Eyeliner by Lush Cosmetics
  Sleek Makeup iDivine Eye Shadow Palette in Vintage Romance (Dark Gold)
Mac Eyeshadow in ‘Embark’
Mac Eyeshadow in ‘Swiss Chocolate’
Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick in '008 Blackmail'
Sleek Gel Eyeliner in ‘Dominatrix’
Eyelure Lashes
Lush Cosmetics Lipstick in 'Perspective'
No7 High Shine Lip Gloss in ‘Plum Blush’
Sleek Lipliner in ‘Red Sky Night’
Products used on me
No.7 Beautifully Matte Make up Base
Sleek Makeup New Skin Revive Foundation in 'Henna'
Sleek Makeup Corrector and Concealer Palette
Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit in 'Medium'
Revlon Photo Ready Skin Illuminator in Dark
Sleek Make-Up Luminous Pressed Powder in No. 04
Sleek Makeup iDivine Eye Shadow Palette in Storm (Blue Shimmer, Black) Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick in '008 Blackmail'
Mac Eyeshadow in ‘Swiss Chocolate’
Sleek Make-up liquid Liner
Eyelure Lashes
Beauty Forever Lip Liner in ‘Currant’
Sleek Matte Lipstick in Mystic
Thank you!
Love, you