Monday, 21 April 2014

Makeup for colourful hair | Pretty Glittery :)

Hello friends!

So this week, I decided to make over two people instead of myself, one of the reasons I decided to blog in the first place, is because I wanted a way to document my progress, and for me, the area I'd like to get better at, is applying makeup on other people, so this week I made over my best friend Hawa and one of my sisters, Rachel.

Sunshine on a rainy day :)
Hawa has Purple and Blue hair, so I wanted to do something that would compliment her hair, but also look quite natural and fairly subtle (hence the nude lips) I gave her a Coral/Orange and Purple smokey eye, with a bit of Gold on the inner crease, I also lined the bottom of her eye with a White eyeliner and then went over it with a Turquoise eyeshadow, just to add a little colour and also make her tiny eyes look a bit bigger, because, lighter colours make things look bigger/bolder. Hawa isn't really makeup wearer, so I was really excited to make her over! doesn't she look lovely :)

With Hawa, I didn't find the application of the eyeshadow as challenging as I thought I would, obviously, I'm mostly used to putting eyeshadow on my own eyes and i'm not used to adapting my skills to different eye shapes and sizes, so I thought I'd struggle to get a good smokey effect, because her eyes are quite small and so I was worried that the eyshadow might overpower her eyes , but I'm very pleased with it and so is she.
It was raining heavily when we did this, so we decided to call this look 'Sunshine on a rainy day!' :)

And  here's a little transformation video for you to enjoy :)

Pretty Glittery :)
And for look number 2, we have Rachel :)

Again, Rachel isn't a makeup wearer, so I wanted to do something, pretty, but subtle, to give her an idea of something she could do if she was going out for a special occasion. I gave her a glittery Gold eye, using Barry M Glitter Dust, underneath that, I used a yellow eyeshadow as a base. To be honest, the glitter did not come out as glittery as I hoped, I used vaseline as an adhesive, but I think I actually need a glitter adhesive,
I wanted the glitter to REALLY stand out, but I still think it looked nice, and so did she :)
I used a natural brown (Swiss Chocolate by MAC) in the upper crease of her eye and I finished with a nude (pink/natural)  lip :)

All colours were taken from my 120 eyeshadow palette (I mentioned this in my previous post) and for both looks, I contoured and highlighted as usual, you can see my previous post on 'how to contour and highlight'.

I hope you enjoy, and if you're looking for makeup for coloured hair, or for a pretty glittery look, I hope this gives you some kind of inspiration.

Thank you for reading
Have a good day
Love, you
Jennifer xx

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