Sunday, 6 April 2014

Brown/Red eyes with Red and Pink lips and a Flower Crown :)

Friends, I'm back!!!

Apologies for the inconsistency! I had a few issues with my laptop, and then
about 6 weeks ago Blogger decided that it wasn't going to let me upload any pictures, I was trying and trying for weeks.

Anyhoo, I have a look of the day for you! This was inspired by one of my fave make up artists who I follow on YouTube & Instagram, she's called Isoken Asamato, her YouTube alias is Enibaby4 and her Instagram is @verygoodbadgurl. This was inspired by her 'A Nigerian Glow' look.

I've done a smokey brown/red/orange eye with a Red lip and then with a
pink lip. I added a flower crown, just to be a little extra! :) Although, in the picture, my eyelids look quite brown, I did use red and orange in the crease and then a bronze/brown on the lid. For the Red, I actually used a blusher, Raizin by MAC, I've had it for AGES and never really use it! I also used a bright Orange and Red from my new 120 eye palette (a palette of 120 eyeshadows - it costs about £6.99 from Amazon. Just type '120 palette') neither colour came out very strong a. because my brushes were quite damp - I'd just cleaned them, and b. because I blended a lot of brown on top. As you can see, I also added a highlight in the inner crease of my eye, which I think makes all the difference; as with the brown colour, the inner crease colour is from my Au Naturelle eye shadow palette by Sleek Makeup.

I contoured and highlighted as usual, I used a Format blush by MAC which is basically a bronzer, I wanted to keep it simple. I hope you like it!! and you get some kind of inspiration from this, I'm definitely going to try and be more consistent and I'm going to keep on practising new looks with more colours, and of course I'll take pics and let you know what I've used. All products listed below.

In the crease - dark brown, then Format in the outer corner, a little Red and Orange from 120 palette
Inner crease - White/cream shimmery colour from the Au Naturelle palette
Liquid eyeliner by Sleek Make up
False Eyelashes from Eyelure
Brown eye liner pencil to fill in my eyebrows
Black Kohl eyeliner from MAC for lower lash line

Sleek Contour Kit in Medium,Ii used the brown and the highlight colour
Blush: Format by MAC
Sleek Makeup concealer under the eyes, i then set this with Matte Maker Mattyfying Power in 30 Natural Beige by Maybelline

Lip liner - Cherry by MAC
Lipstick - Ruby Woo

Lip Liner - Eau la la by sleek in Red Sky night - it's actually a pastel pink
Lipstick - Liqueur 775 by sleek Make up
No. 7 high sheen lip gloss in Plum blush

Thanks for reading!
Feel free to ask any questions/tips and I'll try to help :)
Love, you
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